Premium Home 05

Exterior Color: Gray
Finish: Marble
Hardware: Black chrome
Lock Type: Elock

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Liberty Safes are towering titans, standing tall and proud to offer you the best security there is. But what if a heavy duty FATBOY, Lincoln, or Colonial is just a little too much? What if you want a concealed safe in your desk, or a small home safe box that’s easily accessible in a closet or under a bedside table? Don’t worry! That’s what the Liberty Premium Home Safe 5 is for.

Standing at just two feet tall, the Premium Home 5 packs full-sized security into a pint-sized package. This small home safe box comes equipped with a fire rating of 1200 degrees/90 minutes, packing in three layers of fireboard on each wall (and four layers on the ceiling!) for incredible fire protection. That’s not all! With a thick steel body, a reliable electronic keypad lock, and 1.25″ diameter locking bolts, no one is getting into your Liberty Premium Home Safe 5 without a fight.

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Additional information

Weight 265 lbs
Dimensions 22.5 × 24 × 24 in